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Big Data Era

Because our society has entered a so-called Big Data Era, many companies have spent a huge amount of time, efforts and money on data. Thus, data handling skills will be a great measure of a student's ability.This is true for finance. For example, do you know how to process SEC filings, and Census 2010 data? For a positive answer, you could claim that you have a good data handling skill as a finance-major student.

Future of Finance: 3-word summary

My Teaching

  • Financial Modeling using R,     my syllabus
  • Financial Modeling using Excel, my syllabus
  • Business Analytics using Excel, my syllabus
  • Corporate Finance,     my webpage
  • Portfolio Analysis,     my syllabus
  • Options and Futures, my syllabus
  • Financial Data Analytics using SAS, my syllabus
  • Financial Modeling using Python
  • Python for Finance
  • Business Analytics using R
  • Learning Excel, my materials
  • Programming (open-software)

    The first component of Open-Source Finance (OSF):open-source software: R, Python, Julia, Octave and Perl.

    Data sources (open-data)

    The second component of Open-Source Finance (OSF):Open data, such as SEC filings, Census 2010 data.


      Offer many journals related to finance, accounting and economics, finance conferences, job (Ph.D. level) related web pages and some graduate programs.

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    Contact info: paulyxy@gmail.com

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